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Navigateur Web Firefox ESR extended support
38.0.1esr publiée

Systems with first generation NVidia Optimus graphics cards may crash on start-up
Users who import cookies from Google Chrome can end up with broken websites
Large animated images may fail to play and may stop other images from loading
WebRTC H264 video streams from CiscoSpark native clients are not decoded correctly. (Fixed in Firefox ESR 38.0.1; was already fixed in Firefox 38.0)
38.1.0 esr ... easenotes/
Windows 10 Theme Support
Firefox crashes when measuring the memory in about:memory with Yandex Elements extension installed
"Save Link As..." option does not function with 302 redirect
Graphics performance when using the built-in VGA driver on Windows 7
Links with '_blank' target do not open a new window when in private browsing mode
Various stability fixes
Various security fixes
Java plugin not being able to access Firefox’s proxy settings
getUserMedia activating camera light, but not receiving video