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Building deb packages? / Samba 4.7.7

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First of all I want to thank Tranquil for providing Samba packages for Debian. I know that this is voluntarily.

This is why I want to know, if there are any sources and build recipes available to build those packages myself. Mainly because I wanted to build packages for Samba 4.7.7 (released April, 17) which contains some important fixes - latest available release at the Tranquil repo is 4.7.6 (maybe because the people at Tranquil are busy integrating Samba 4.8).

I know there is a wiki post how to build Samba in general, but building Debian packages would be better :)
Hi harryruhr,

As you know, we'are working on Samba 4.8.X deb build.
You can make your own deb packages on following this procedure .

You have to download .

Good luck ;)