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kerberos error - Preauthentication failed

Question about WAPT Server / Requêtes et aides autour du serveur Wapt
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I re-configured auth from my clients via kerberos. Some machines are not being recognized and the server log shows the following:

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Nov  8 11:33:26 wapt winbindd[6145]: [2018/11/08 11:33:26.387247,  0] ../source3/libsmb/cliconnect.c:1895(cli_session_setup_spnego_send)
Nov  8 11:33:26 wapt winbindd[6145]:   Kinit for WAPT$@CAMPUS.SERTAO.IFRS.EDU.BR to access cifs/ failed: Preauthentication failed

Installed version of WAPT:
Server OS: Linux
OS of the administration machine/creation of packages: Windows 7

Do I need to re-register (wapt-get register) the machine? Can I do this remotely to all the machines in my park?
Any ideas or help are welcome!! :D